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SBT01 - Blended Learning Course

Stage 1 Assemble and Install Small Bore Tubing with Twin Ferrule Mechanical Grip Fittings


Course Aims

This blended learning programme aims to provide candidates with the training required to demonstrate the knowledge and practical skills of working with SBT systems through an individual knowledge test and practical exercises. It will give candidates an understanding of the relationship between installation requirements and health and safety in the workplace, how to contribute to a good working relationship and identify hazards in the workplace.

Dates and Availability

For a list of our scheduled virtual classroom and training workshops dates, please click on the required link:

Virtual Classroom

Training Workshop - Aberdeen

Training Workshop - Middlesbrough

Target Audience

This twin ferrule mechanical grip fittings course is aimed at learners with no previous small bore tubing training. Please review page two of the course synopsis for details of the programme and page three for details on the 4-stage ECITB/Step Change in Safety SBT model. This course is grant aided for ECITB registered employers.

Course DeliveryBlended Learning Programme

E-learning, virtual classroom and in-person training workshop delivered by ECITB certified trainers.

Module 1 - E-learning

The e-learning module consists of four interactive online courses that a candidate can complete at their own pace up to a maximum of 28 days prior to attending the in-person training workshop. The candidate will require a tablet or computer with access to a stable internet connection. The e-learning module must be successfully completed prior to joining the virtual classroom session in module 2. Module duration is 4 hours combined however, this does not need to be completed in one sitting.

Module Content

  • HSE and Step Change overview of HCR's
  • Health and safety associated with SBT activities
  • P & ID's for SBT systems
  • SBT systems and components
  • Isolation of SBT systems
  • Correct dismantling techniques
  • Correct assembly and installation of fittings
  • Fitting types

Module 2 - Virtual Classroom

The virtual classroom module is an interactive instructor-led training session delivered via Zoom by our ECITB certified trainers. Candidates are provided with electronic reference materials that they can study prior to attending the in-person training workshop in module 3. The candidate will require a tablet or computer with access to a stable internet connection, front-facing camera and microphone. Candidates video must be on for the duration of the course. This module must be successfully completed prior to attending the in-person training workshop. Module duration is 4 hours.

Module Content

  • Contribute to good, safe relationships in the working environment
  • Tubing, layout and supports
  • Joint inspection
  • Tube bending practices
  • Fault finding

Module 3 - In-Person Training Workshop

The in-person training workshop module puts into practice the knowledge and understanding gained from the e-learning and virtual classroom modules. Candidates will complete a variety of instructor-led practical training activities, invigilated knowledge testing and observed practical exercises to successfully complete the course. Candidates are provided with hard copy reference manuals and a student workbook to take away and utilise in the workplace and while completing Stage 2 of the ECITB/Step Change in Safety SBT Model. Module duration is 4 hours.

Module Content

  • Reinforce prior learning
  • Tube bending practices
  • Tube fitting assembly, disassembly and reassembly
  • Pipe thread installation


The three modules must be completed to receive the ECITB Certificate of Training (candidates are not considered technically competent at Stage 1). Candidates will be issued with Work Based Task Assignment Personal Records to be used in Stage 2.

Course Length

12 hours combined

Times of Training: Virtual & Workshop

08.15 to 12.15 or 13.00 to 17.00

Technical Test Route

Technical testing with the associated ECITB certificate of achievement plays a key role in validating a candidates skill, ability and job knowledge in a specific task or activity. The technical test route following completion of the SBT01 - Blended Learning programme is; TSBT01 and/or TSBT02.

Course Synopsis

To download a copy of the course synopsis, click here


If completing the ECITB SBT01 blended learning programme is of interest to you, please contact our training team for dates and availability, email or call +44 (0)1224 759916.