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Swagelok Scotland

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Material Science Technical Seminar

Swagelok Scotland are hosting Dr Robert Bianco, Swagelok Senior Materials Scientist for a material science technical seminar in Aberdeen on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

This seminar will provide delegates with the basic knowledge of the principles of material science, information on corrosion and other factors affecting material properties.

Material Science Event Aberdeen 2019 


  • Critical concepts surrounding the basic nature and behaviour of materials such as:
    - a simple atom-level view of metals
    - microstructural characteristics of materials
    - ferritic, austenitic, and duplex alloys
    - mechanical properties of materials

  • Different types of corrosion and how specific alloys resist corrosion.

  • NACE standards and component selection for compliance with NACE standards.

  • Selecting appropriate materials of construction for various applications, considering factors such as pressure ratings, temperature ratings, corrosive threats, and compliance with standards and specifications.

  • Various alloy options, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • How NORSOK and ISO standards relate to material selection and corrosion.

Register your interest before Friday 18th October 2019.

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Looking for an alternative date and location?

Swagelok Teesside are hosting Dr Bianco in Middlesbrough on Wednesday 6th November. Click here for further information.


About Dr Robert Bianco

Bob joined Swagelok in May 2017 as a materials expert and technical lead for Swagelok's Additive Manufacturing Program and has earned a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from The Ohio State University. Bob's technical background and expertise includes additive manufacturing, process metallurgy, high-temperature structural materials, materials characterisation, failure analyses/investigations, and surface modifications. Bob has authored or co-authored 12 US/Worldwide patents and over 50 technical articles.