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Tech Talk: Pressure Regulators: The Next Level

Regulator Next Level Event Details

Reliable pressure control is essential to the safe operation of your fluid system.

Join us on Wednesday 21st April for on online tech talk hosted by Wouter Pronk, Swagelok Senior Field Engineer who will take the topic of regulators to the next level; from selecting the correct regulator for your system and process media, to building a safe and reliable system to meet your needs.

Topics Covered

  • Selecting the correct regulator
  • Sizing liquid or a gas
  • Regulator preventative maintenance
  • Tank blanketing
  • RHPS series vs K-Series
  • Spotlights on:
    - Gas distribution systems
    - Heated regulators - KEV
    - Differential regulators
    - Ratio regulators

Register your interest before 5pm, Monday 19th April.

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Please note, there are limited spaces available.


About Wouter Pronk, Swagelok Senior Field Engineer

Wouter began his career with Swagelok in 2010 with the acquisition of RHPS Regulators where he was sales manager for 17 years. Prior to that, Wouter worked for 10 years at a machining supplier to RHPS as their superintendent and later their sales manager. At Swagelok, Wouter became the lead technical trainer for pressure regulators responsible for training the global sales force and working with customers on complex regulator applications.