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Swagelok Scotland

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

Swagelok Scotland is an Essential Business

March 25th, 2020

On March 23rd, 2020, the UK's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, issued a 'Stay-at-Home' directive to all UK citizens as part of the nation's efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This order includes a directive to close non-essential businesses.  Swagelok Scotland, Swagelok Teesside and Swagelok Ireland are classified as 'essential businesses' and fall under the category of utilities, communication and financial services, as published in the UK Governments guidance to businesses, schools and critical workers on March 19th, 2020.

We serve the industries that the Government has outlined as necessary to maintain the critical infrastructure of our nation.

This includes key staff, and primary suppliers to the oil, gas, electricity, civil nuclear, chemicals, telecommunications and water sectors (including sewerage), information technology and data infrastructure sectors.

The Swagelok range of tube fittings, valves, regulators and other products we supply, support customers that serve those critical infrastructure sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Supply Chains: production of COVID-19 tests, fixtures in research labs working on potential vaccines, production of respirators and other supplies.
  • Energy and Chemicals: maintenance of critical chemical and refining facilities and continued production of oil and gas, electricity and the generation of nuclear power.
  • Communications: production of semiconductor wafers that power portable electronics and information technology systems.
  • Food and Agriculture: maintenance of food and beverage manufacturing facilities.

What We are Doing

Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland are taking the necessary steps needed to remain open so that we can continue supporting the critical industries our customers serve.

Our 'Leadership Team' have been working tirelessly to enable over 90% of our workforce to work from home.  For the small number of associates that continue to work from our Fulfilment Centre and Assembly & Fabrication facilities, we have introduced stringent measures to maintain a healthy workforce.

At this point in time, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our Training Academies in Aberdeen, Motherwell and Middlesbrough, with interim plans to re-open on Monday 20th April.  Anyone with training booked will receive a communication informing and guiding delegates regards next steps and options available.  Further information is also available within the training pages of our website.

We are currently experiencing no major issues with incoming goods and no major issues with delivering to our customers, and will provide regular updates to ensure you are aware of any changes to this situation.  We remain committed to maintaining the flow of products and services where possible, mitigating risks of business disruption and having a local Business Continuity Team focused on making informed decisions that prioritise keeping everyone as safe as possible.

What Swagelok are Doing

Accordingly, Swagelok will continue production, with increased focus when possible on any efforts that directly contribute to fighting this global pandemic and will continue to prioritise the health of associates at work by implementing stringent measures, constantly monitoring guidance and making improvements to their response program.

Swagelok have rigorous risk mitigation and supply chain programs that account for some level of unplanned disruption.  These plans ensure our ability to continue to service your needs with the quality and attention to detail you have come to expect.

You can be assured of the following:

  • Swagelok have a dedicated task force which meets daily to monitor the situation, update our procedures and make critical decisions.
  • All Swagelok plants are currently operational, including our facility in China.  We will continue to follow local guidelines regarding the opening/closure of our facilities
  • Swagelok manage raw material - inventory and dual sourcing - through a rigorous program that mitigates supply disruptions.
  • Swagelok are actively monitoring our supply chain and working with suppliers on advance planning should supply become constrained.
  • Swagelok continue to monitor and manage all inventory levels taking into account current business and economic conditions.
  • Swagelok are managing outbound supply chain to ensure early identification of issues and are using alternative modes as necessary.
  • Swagelok are working with authorised sales and service centres to ensure strong local inventory positions and access to critical parts based on customer needs.
  • Swagelok corporate supply chain is doing additional assessment and modelling in case the pandemic is prolonged.

These actions are in addition to the precautionary measures already in place to ensure the health and safety of associates, customers and community.

We continue to review the recommendations made by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK, Scottish and Irish Governments and as the situation changes, we will continue to keep you informed.

We would like to thank you for your on-going support and continued trust in our company during this challenging time and we hope you all remain safe.

Best regards,

Peter O'Connor
Managing Director
Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland
March 25th, 2020