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Analytical System Evaluation

Analytical Evaluation

Sampling technology has evolved steadily from early grab sampling to today's automated online systems. The fact remains however, that analysers can only be as accurate and responsive as the system of components that supply them with the process sample. System specialist knowledge has also been eroded by manpower reduction and retirement, which can lead to complex analysers producing less than accurate or timely results.

Samples are far more hazardous now than they have ever been before. An example of common practice may include an operator turning the handle on a ball or needle valve to draw a sample into a relevant container however, what pressure and temperature is the sample and can the sample be kept in a representative state? What is the risk to the operator and the environment by taking this sample? Operator safety should be at the forefront of all decisions when taking a sample.

Sampling need not be difficult, but it can be complex. Our Swagelok certified field engineers have observed many opportunities to improve practices for liquid or gas sampling; whether fiscal metering, environmental or qualitative sampling. By conducting an analytical system evaluation, we can consult on the condition, application, and design of your grab sampling system including an in-depth analysis of your sampling system from tap-to-analyser, helping you to improve your system and eliminate the causes of poor sample quality and system inefficiencies, enhancing system performance.

Our field engineering team document your existing system and provide a comprehensive report providing you with recommendations for improving your operations.

The result of conducting an analytical system evaluation can:

  • Reduce sample transport time to meet industry best practices
  • Increase safety to comply with current standards and regulatory compliance
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce overall system costs
  • Improve system design and reduce the time required for maintenance and analyser downtime
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve document system conditions

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