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Gas Distribution Systems

Safe, effective and reliable gas flow is necessary to complete your work, however gas distribution systems are often overlooked which can result in loss of gases, lost process efficiency, downtime and create safety hazards, all of which can be costly for your business.

Gas distribution systems must effectively deliver gases from a high-pressure source to your facility at the pressure and flow rate required for your application. If you are concerned about leaks, if your gas system operation is not intuitive, or your gas panels are difficult to service, this could be compounding costs for your business, and it is time to take action.

Swagelok® gas distribution systems can help improve the safety of gas delivery systems and increase uptime through system evaluation and assembly services, as well as help you reduce or even avoid costs entirely, allowing you to maximise your time and resources and help ensure your facility is running safely and efficiently.

InspectionSystem Evaluation

Whether to boost your understanding of your existing gas distribution system or looking to install a new system, our field engineering team can complete an inspection of your site, providing a critical system analysis which will help guide you to safer regulator selection, system upgrade options, and help ensure you design and assemble the right gas distribution system for your application.

We will provide a comprehensive report that documents:

  • System performance, functionality and suitability of the existing installation and related components
  • Quantify compressed gas leakage rate and associated losses
  • Safety, environmental and reliability matrix
  • Suggested improvements and alternative solutions
  • Further recommendations including maximising gas system distribution

To discuss system evaluation, and the options available to you, speak to one of our field engineers.

Assembly ServicesAssembly Services

Designed with safety in mind to reduce the potential for gas leaks, Swagelok® gas distribution systems can be configured to suit your application. Whether a standard solution or a custom arrangement, our certified engineers can specify, assemble and test a solution to meet your needs.

Our engineers can work alongside your team to deliver a fully engineered system that is:

  • Fully assembled and tested prior to installation
  • Built with minimal threaded connections to avoid leaks and simplify maintenance operations
  • Clearly labelled for safety and functionality
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Simple to troubleshoot and perform routine service
  • Quality assurance documentation as requested
  • Backed by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

Systems are built around one or a series of pressure regulation steps and may include four typical subsystems:

If you require a standard design, browse our application guide for further information on our solutions, with a single part number for easy ordering. Or, if you require a solution configured for your application, we can add features and modifications to suit your requirements. Speak to one of our engineers today.


Technicians and engineering personnel involved in the selection, installation and maintenance of pressure regulators and associated systems, should consider hands-on training to help increase system efficiency and ensure the safety of system operators.

Our pressure regulator course provides delegates with an understanding of the function of pressure regulators and the importance of correct regulator selection, as well as building their knowledge to be able to identify performance issues that can commonly occur. The course also provides guidance on appropriate inspection, testing and planned or preventative maintenance. Interested in our pressure regulator course? Email our training team.

Assembly ServicesMaintenance Advice

To ensure reliability, prevention of incidents and reduce the risk of downtime, system operators should familiarise themselves with the various regulations and guidance documents relating to pressure systems and equipment. This includes pressure regulators.

Please take a look at our pressure regulator maintenance guidance which provides an overview of key regulations including quick links, the requirement for a written scheme of examination, and some helpful tips regarding inspection and maintenance of pressure regulators.

When working with regulators, you may hear some commonly used terms, for example; droop, creep, supply pressure effect and Joule-Thomson effect. Click here to see our pressure regulator glossary and what the terms mean.

Contact us for more information

Whether you are looking to install a new gas distribution system or are looking to improve the performance of your existing installation, we are here to help. Through system evaluation, assembly and training, we can tailor the requirements to meet your needs. Contact us today on +44 (0)1224 759900 or email