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Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

ECITB MJI Training and Technical Tests

Swagelok Scotland, Teesside & Ireland are an ECITB Approved Provider of Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) training.

Course Aims

This course aims to provide candidates with the training required to demonstrate the knowledge and practical skills of working with flanged and clamped piping joints through an individual knowledge test and practical exercises, giving an understanding of the relationship between making and breaking joints, and health and safety in the workplace.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for candidates with no previous MJI training.

MJI Courses

Our ECITB certified trainers provide training in the following MJI courses:

  • MJI10 - Hand Torque Bolted Connection Techniques
  • Technical Test Route: TMJI10 and/or TMJI11

  • MJI18 - Hydraulic Tension Bolted Connection Techniques*
  • Technical Test Route: TMJI18

  • MJI19 - Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Techniques*
  • Technical Test Route: TMJI19 and/or TMJI20

  • MJI10/19 - Hand & Hydraulic Torque Bolted Connection Techniques
  • Technical Test Route: TMJI10, TMJI11, TMJI19 and/or TMJI20

  • MJI10/19/18 - Hand Torque, Hydraulic Torque & Hydraulic Tension Bolted Connection Techniques
  • Technical Test Route: TMJI10, TMJI11, TMJI18, TMJI19 and/or TMJI20

  • Click here for our latest TMJI Technical Tests dates and availability

*Note: Learners must hold an MJI10 Training Certificate (taken in the last 6 months) or TMJI10 Test Certificate to participate in this 1-day course.

Course Delivery


ECITB Certificate of Training (learners are not considered technically competent at Stage 1). Candidates will be issued with Work Based Task Assignment Personal Records to be used in Stage 2.

Swagelok Training Services COVID-19 Procedures

All training delegates are issued with a Delegate Handbook, a copy of our COVID-19 Training Delivery Risk Assessment and Joining Instructions to read prior to attending any of our training academies. These documents are constantly reviewed in line with Government advice. Delegates are also required to complete an Online Course Registration and COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire prior to attending their training course or technical test, and upon arrival at our academies, they will also have their temperature checked.

We recognise that as an essential business, it is important to you to ensure your assets operate efficiently and effectively, and safety critical training is required. The health and safety of our training delegates, our associates, our partners and everyone around them remains our top priority and we have implemented stringent social distancing, monitoring and hygiene measures to protect their health and wellbeing. To view a copy of the Training Delegate Handbook, please click here. If you have any questions regarding our procedures or attendance at our training academies, please contact us on +44 (0)1224 759916 or email

Course Dates and Availability

For a list of our scheduled MJI course dates and availability, click here

Course Synopsis

To download a copy of the course synopsis, click here

Mechanical Joint Integrity Model

To download a copy of the 4 Stage ECITB/Step Change in Safety MJI Model, click here


For further details, to make a booking or to find out about our full range of courses, email or call +44 (0)1224 759916.